Hi! It's been two years since I wrote something to this blog. Time fucking flies doesn't it? Currently I'm experiencing the worst cold I've probably ever had, a week in fever and in bed isn't really my cup of tea, since I'd rather be somewhere out and about as usual. I thought I'd start off this new journey of blogging with some pictures from a little while ago when I was in London (I assume it's acceptable since they've never been seen in the blog haha). I would've posted more but I still haven't got the picture settings right on the blog and I don't have the energy to start fighting with it SO just bare with me. 

  • Sunnies: Quay Australia
  • Coat: Second Hand
  • Shirt: old acquaintance's but now it's rightfully mine, hehe. Anyways, hell of a good band.
  • House: I have no fucking clue, but thank you for letting me use your steps for slayage
I don't think I'm going to post anything before Miami anymore so I hope they keep you satisfied until I have something to post from there.

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